Protein Rich, High Fiber Chickpeas / Chana Super Salad Recipe | Healthy Summer Weight Loss Lunch

Hello Everyone, in Today’s episode of Fit meal in 15, we have brought you up Protein Rich, High Fibre super salad! Healthy Chickpeas / Chana Super Salad Recipe. Summer Special Weight Loss Lunch Meal
As the name says, Super salad, it brings a grin on your face by energizing you, for not only it is healthy, nutritious, and easy to make, but also very mount watering and delicious. It is enriched with the goodness of wholesome fiber and plenty of micronutrients and antioxidants.
It is an easy option for when you are not in a mood to cook a whole meal.

If you’ve tried this High protein and fiber Super healthy chickpeas or chana salad or any other recipe on the Channel, then don’t forget to share the recipe photos on my Instagram or tag me and also let me know how it turned out in the comment section. I love to hear from my YouTube Family

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