Prevention and Intervention: Impact of Low Vision and Risk of Falls

The presenter will discuss visual issues which create challenges including visual acuity, visual field, contrast sensitivity, glare, light and dark adaptation, color vision, and binocular vision. She will then address adaptations which can help individuals with low vision cope with these challenges and will conclude with resources related to addressing balance strategies that will promote safety and independence.

Instructor: Cheri Harbour, MS, OTR/L, SCLV

Instructor’s Title: Occupational Therapist

Instructor’s Affiliation: North Mississippi Medical Center Low Vision Rehab

Instructor’s Email: [email protected] & [email protected]


Instructor’s Title: 

Instructor’s Affiliation: 

Instructor’s Email:

Primary Core or ECC Area: n/a

Target Audience: professionals, caregivers, consumers

Pre-requisite knowledge: none  

Lesson Plan Goal: address visual challenges, adaptations to overcome them and provide resources and strategies to prevent falls 

Learning Objectives:  

Identify factors which impact mobility and risk of falls in those with low vision

Describe intervention strategies and techniques to promote increased safety with mobility and decreased risk of falls

List various resources which support increased safety with mobility in those with vision impairment

Materials Needed: n/a
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