Powered by Palm Oil | Kwik Wan Tien - The Healthy Food Entrepreneur

Kwik Wan Tan grew up in a family that lived by the saying “you are what you eat”.

The need for a balanced nutritious diet was drilled into her from a young age. From there, she had the vision to form WRP, a brand focusing on healthy and delicious products for people.

After improving your daily diet, Kwik believes confidence will come from within, and she has worked with thousands of women, seeing their lives improve drastically.

She commits to using nothing but the best ingredients in her products, products rich in antioxidants and vitamins such as sustainable palm oil.

Palm oil is a key ingredient in many of the products we take for granted, from the food we eat to the biofuel that powers our vehicles.

We’ve partnered with five Indonesians to show the role that sustainably-produced palm oil plays in their lives, enabling their businesses to grow while benefitting the economy.

Together with RSPO, GIMINI and APROBI, we’re telling their stories to highlight the positive impact of sustainably-produced palm oil.

Because everyday life is Powered by Palm Oil.

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