Pork Tapeworm (Taeniasis) | How It Infects, Symptoms & Cysticercosis, Diagnosis, Treatment

Pork Tapeworm (Taeniasis) | How It Infects, Symptoms & Cysticercosis, Diagnosis, Treatment, Prevention

Tapeworms are gastrointestinal parasites that are flat in appearance and can look like a “piece of tape”. Many species infect humans, including Taenia solium, which is known as the pork tapeworm. Taenia solium can infect humans through consumption of raw or undercooked pork that contains taenia cysticerci. Once infected, the cysticeri develop into an adult tapeworm, attach to the gastrointestinal mucosa and absorb or “steal” nutrients from the patient. In this lesson, we discuss the signs and symptoms of infection with this tapeworm species, and how this tapeworm infection is diagnosed and treated and ways to prevent infection.

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