PMGR: Using Electronic Health Records (EHR) to Improve Population Health

The January 2023 Preventive Medicine Grand Rounds (PMGR) features Ms. Samareen Shami, the Manager of Population Health with Health Plan of San Mateo in San Francisco, CA. She talks about how health plans use EHR data in combination with other data sources to understand their population, outline disparities in health outcomes, and help loop back to providers on how to improve health outcomes.

For continuing education (CE) credits, visit https://tceols.cdc.gov/; search for course WD4441-011123. CEs will be available after 2/14/2023 and expire 2/14/2025. Course access code: CDCPMRF

Audio Description Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C26e8L5leTY

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