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Todays vegan recipe video is packed with plant based meal prep recipes i eat in a week, I have vegan breakfast meal prep, snacks, vegan lunch box recipes and meal prep for vegan dinners. I love to share my plant based diet advice and tips to help make plant based living easier and my tips for vegan on a budget. Today’s healthy batch recipes make sure there is always healthy vegan food in the fridge and freezer.
00:00 Intro
01:15 Veggie fritters - vegan nutritious protein veggie balls - oil free, gluten free
07:05 Vegan Breakfast muffins - oat, banana, fruit, nut & choc - oil free, gluten free
10:00 Spicy blackeyed bean dip for healthy snacks & wraps
11:50 Vega taco mince batch easy batch making

Todays first recipe is veggie fritter balls, these are quick to make a big batch of, they are full of vegan protein & nutrition and super tasty, they’re dairy free, oil free, gluten free and ideal for vegetarians, great for snacking, lunch boxes, speedy breakfast and party or picnic food. These vegan veggie fritters last days in the fridge and freeze perfectly too.
The second recipe is my Banana Oat vegan muffins, these are very nutritious fruit, nut and choc vegan breakfast muffins, packed full of protein, they are so yummy, great for grab and go plant based breakfasts, lunch box snacks, something sweet after dinner and lovely vegan party & picnic food.
I'm sharing an easy spicy bean dip high in protein and 100% healthy & nutritious
And my budget batch vegan taco mince recipe I love to batch for the fridge and freezer and use on tacos, nachos and in wraps.
All of todays recipes are oil free, gluten free, dairy free, high protein and designed to make plant based diet easier to help you keep eating healthy nutritious plant based vegan food all week. All of todays recipes are ideal for weight loss, are packed full of superfoods and antioxidants. I hope you enjoy my new plant based vegan meal prep video, Il bring a new meal prep video out next month with more helpful batch cooking and plant based meal prep recipes.
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