PHO Webinar: IPAC Orientation for IPAC Leads in Long-Term Care: Reprocessing

Public Health Ontario (PHO) is hosting a six-part weekly webinar series to provide orientation information to novice IPAC leads in the long-term care sector. The fourth webinar in the series will address key elements of reprocessing medical equipment and devices in long-term care homes. This session will discuss reprocessing standards and determining the level of reprocessing required for equipment. In addition, the session will review staff education, quality control and monitoring in the context of reprocessing.

By the end of this session, participants will be able to:
1. Explain key principles for reprocessing medical devices/equipment.
2. Apply Spaulding’s classification of medical devices to determine the level of reprocessing necessary.
3. Describe quality control measures for safe and effective reprocessing.

Presenters: Tanya Denich and Sarah Eden

The presentation can be found here:
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