Pharm D course II The conclusion

The big issue, Pharm D vs MBBS, resolved with this final video. The main objectives behind the establishment of the course are to raise the standard of pharmacy profession in India in terms of pharmacy practices, and also making pharmacy degree acceptable in various countries across the world; and to provide patient care in cooperation with patients, prescribers, and other. The Pharm. D. and MBBS degree courses are extensive in their respective fields.
This video covers significant info on queries like

Is PharmD better than MBBS?
Is Pharm D harder than MBBS?
Can pharm d be called Doctor?
Is pharmacy easy than MBBS?
When did PharmD start in India?
Who introduced PharmD in India?
What is the importance of Pharm D in India?
When did PharmD become required?
What are jobs after Pharm D?
What is the future in Pharm D?
Is Pharm D good career?
Is Pharm D in demand?
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