Pfizer representitive's full hearing in the special COVID committee of the European Parliament

After Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla refused to show and answer questions in front of the special COVID committee of the European Parliament, Janine Small, president of Pfizer's International Developed Markets, took his place in the hearing that took place on October 10, 2022.

She received many questions from the committee members, which, in majority, she did not specifically answer.

When asked about the "redacted" version of the contract, she said that they can't disclose the whole contract because they have interests to protect.

When asked if they tested if their injections are stoping the transmission of the virus, she said that they did not.

I post the whole hearing with Pfizer's representitive so everybody can see the context and everything that was asked and answered.

0:05:58 - Janine Small (Pfizer) - introduction
0:16:44 - dr. Franz-Werner Hass (CureVac CEO)

0:23:48 - Questions from MEPs

0:24:08 - MEP Stelios Kympouropoulos (EPP - Greece)
0:26:13 - MEP Sara Cerdas (S&D - Portugal)
0:29:01 - Answers from Janine Small (Pfizer) - she talked, among other things, about the contracts. She did not answer the question about the price of the vaccine
0:34:59 - Answers from dr. Franz-Werner Hass (CureVac)

0:37:15 - MEP Véronique Trillet-Lenoir (Renew - France)
0:39:39 - MEP Katrin Langensiepen (Greens - Germany)
0:42:24 - MEP Sylvia Limmer (ID - Germany)
0:44:55 - Answers from dr. Franz-Werner Hass (CureVac)
0:47:32 - Answers from Janine Small (Pfizer) - she talked, among other things, about the contracts, intellectual property.

0:50:49 - MEP Francesca Donato urges that Pfizer's representative must answer the questions
0:51:07 - MEP Robert Ross (ECR - Netherlands) - question in Dutch about the SMS between Albert Bourla and Ursula von der Leyen
0:52:38 - MEP Robert Ross - question in English: "was the Covid Pfizer vaccine tested on stopping the transmission of the virus BEFORE it entered the market? If not, please say it clearly. If yes, are you willing to share the data with this committee?"
0:53:13 - MEP Marc Botenga (The Left - Belgium)
0:55:47 - MEP Ivan Sincic (Non-attached - Croatia)

0:57:50 - the chair instructs the Pfizer's representative to answer the questions
0:58:22 - Answers from Janine Small (Pfizer)
1:04:36 - Answers from dr. Franz-Werner Hass (CureVac)
1:06:48 - Answer from Janine Small (Pfizer) to MEP Sincic on a report from Canada on the clinical trials from Pfizer

1:06:48 - MEP Deirdre Clune (EPP - Ireland)
1:11:18 - MEP Romana Jerkovic (S&D - Croatia)
1:13:29 - MEP Dolors Montserrat (EPP - Spain)
1:14:25 - MEP Romana Jerkovic (S&D - Croatia) restated the question to Pfizer
1:14:50 - Answers from Janine Small (Pfizer)
1:19:07 - Answers from dr. Franz-Werner Hass (CureVac)

1:20:43 - MEP Karsten Lucke (S&D - Germany)
1:22:18 - MEP Michèle Rivasi (Greens - France)
1:24:54 - MEP Virginie Joron (ID - France)
1:26:44 - Answers from dr. Franz-Werner Hass (CureVac)
1:28:14 - Answers from Janine Small (Pfizer)

1:31:20 - MEP Christine Anderson (ID - Germany) - raised point of order

1:34:20 - MEP Cristian Terhes (ECR - Romania)
1:36:59 - MEP Francesca Donato (Non-attached - Italy)
1:39:23 - MEP Kathleen Van Brempt (S&D - Belgium)
1:40:57 - Answers from dr. Franz-Werner Hass (CureVac)
1:43:07 - Answers from Janine Small (Pfizer) - contracts and other topics
1:46:13 - MEP Cristian Terhes (ECR - Romania) - restated the question about the contracts
1:46:40 - Answer from Janine Small (Pfizer) - on why they don't publish the contracts; the liability

The next day after this hearing six MEPs held a press conference where they exposed the lies of Pfizer's representitive, which can be watched here:
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