Personality Disorders Types | Causes | Symptoms in Hindi/Urdu #personalitydisorders #personality.

Personality Disorders Types | Causes | Symptoms in Hindi/Urdu #personalitydisorders #personality
#mentalhealth #psychology

What are the symptoms of personality disorders?

The symptoms depend on the type of personality disorder. However, many of the symptoms of different personality disorders overlap.

Common signs of a personality disorder include:

strange or erratic behaviour

suspicion and distrust

taking risks

extreme mood swings (angry outbursts)

difficulty with relationships

problems at school or work

need for instant gratification

Many people have some of these traits, but they do not necessarily have a diagnosis of personality disorder.
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Personality disorders tend to start in childhood, and the thoughts and behaviours become more ingrained into adulthood.
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People with personality disorders may be unaware that they have a problem or may find it hard to seek help. Family or friends may be severely impacted by caring for someone with a personality disorder and they may be the ones to seek assistance.

What causes personality disorders?

The causes of personality disorders are not fully understood.
We know that personality in general is formed in childhood and is a combination of how you are born and your environment in early childhood. There is no single gene for personality or personality disorders — multiple genes are involved. Having a secure bonding process or attachment between a parent (or other caregiver) and an infant provides a positive environment in which their personality can make.
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It is thought that personality disorders may occur due to a complex interaction between negative early life experiences and genetic factors. Disruptions to the attachment between parents and infants can happen due to mental or physical illness or substance abuse in the parent, or long separations between parents and infants. A lack of positive caregiving in early childhood can also have a negative impact on personality development.
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