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Penile curvature can easily be corrected . The expert in penile curvature tells you all about the causes of penile deviation and how a curved penis can be straightened.

Prof.Osama Shaeer is a world reknowed expert in the treatment of penile curvature, with an experience exceeding 25 years in the field of penile surgery, and more than 57 international publications and surgical inventions that are taught in medical and surgical textbooks.

#Penile_curvature is when an erect penis is not straight, but the erect penis is rather curved. #Penile_deviation can either be upward penis curvature (dorsal penile curvature), downward penile curvature (ventral penile curvature), sideways (penile curvature to the left, penile curvature to the right : lateral penile curvature), or a combination of the above.

Furthermore , penile deviation can either be a #congenital_penile_curvature
which is a penis that has been curved ever since the man recalls, life-long, or can be an #acquired_penile_curvature . Acquired penile deviation is mostly due to #peyronie's_disease in which elastic tissues of the penis change into firm tissues here and there, leading to curved penis upon erection. In addition to peyronie's plaques , Acquired penile curvature can also be due to trauma in the erect state, among other reasons.

Treatment of penile curvature is mostly surgical, with the exception of early cases of Peyronie's disease, where medical treatment can stop progression of Peyronie's disease or even reverse it in some cases. Otherwise, surgery for penile curvature is the main modality of treatment.

Surgical correction of penile curvature can either be with shortening techniques or length preserving techniques. Shortening techniques for penile curvature are based on shortening the longer surface of a curved penis with surgical stitches. An example is the Nesbit procedure or the 16 dot technique. Those are the easiest techniques for correction of penile deviation, though on the expense of length.

In severe cases of penile curvature, we do not recommend shortening techniques, since the loss in length is proportionate to the degree of penile curvature. This is why Prof. Osama Shaeer developed a length preserving surgical technique for correction of penile curvature : Shaeer's corporal rotation . #Shaeer's_corporal_rotation or #rotation_of_the_corpora_cavernosa is suited for congenital penile curvature that is on a downward direction. The most severe degrees of ventral penile curvature can be corrected with no or minimal loss in length.

Alternatively, there is the incision and grafting technique or the excision and grafting technique, where the peyronie's plaque is replaced by a longer graft to restore straightness of the penis. This however carries the risk of erectile dysfunction in 30% of cases. Which is why it is commonly coupled with penile prosthesis implantation, with the end result of excellent and very reliable erection as well as a straight penis. Peyronie's incision and grafting technique or the excision and grafting technique along with penile implant are most suited for severe curvatures associated with erectile dysfunction, which is the common case.

Time Line
00:00 : The expert in penile curvature
00:52 : What is penile curvature
01:10 : Effect of penile curvature
01:26 : Causes of penile curvature . Why is my penis curved ?
01:50 : Congenital penile curvature
02:20 : Acquired penile curvature ; Peyronie's disease
02:57 : Treatment of penile curvature
04:05 : Surgery for penile curvature
04:30 : Shortening techniques for correction of penile curvature
05:08 : Length preserving techniques for penile curvature
05:23 : Shaeer's corporal rotation ; rotation of the corpora cavernosa
06:52 : Peyronie's plaque surgery , Peyronie's incision and grafting, Peyronie's excision and grafting
07:58 : How to reach the penile curvature expert Prof.Shaeer

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Prof.Osama Shaeer is the Professor of Andrology at the Faculty of Medicine, Cairo University, and the Professor of Andrology at the European Academy of Andrology. Prof.Shaeer operates in his own hospital in Cairo, Egypt. Kamal Shaeer Hospital is one of the very few center of excellence in penile implant surgery world-wide.
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