Pelvis & Sacrum Palpatory Landmarks for Physical Examination and Osteopathic Structural Exam

This particular video is intended as a demonstration of common pelvis and sacrum palpatory landmarks commonly encountered during physical examination, osteopathic structural examination, and OMT.

It is not intended as a complete instructional video and should not be considered a source of complete OMT instruction.

Instead, it should be treated as a supplement to independent learning using primary Osteopathic Manipulation instructional resources. Clinical skills are best learned and developed with support from faculty in the context of a complete Osteopathic Medical School Curriculum.

Osteopathic Clinical Skills is a channel dedicated to discussing and exploring Osteopathic Clinical Skills concepts for medical students, residents, and clinicians and presenting them in an easy to understand manner.

Many thanks to the University of North Texas Health Science Center Texas College of Osteopathic Medicine (UNTHSC - TCOM) for permitting use of the Medical Education Training (MET) facilities and equipment during the production of this video.

Additional thanks to the UNTHSC-TCOM learner and faculty volunteers who participated in this production and provided permission for the use of their image in this video.
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