Patient with Motor Neuron Disease shares her experience at Viezec| MND treatment| stem cell therapy

Diagnosis - Amyotrophic Latera; Sclerosis

Chief Complaint - Difficulty in walking, weakness in arms for 4 years.

Patient History - 58 Years old female Ms. Lisa Joanne Brown from New Zealand suffering from motor neuron disease presented with c/o slow progressive muscle, Difficulty in walking, weakness in arms for 4 years He came for their treatment through stem cell therapy.

At Viezec, #Motor_nueron_Disease_treatment includes a unique combination of therapies including stem cell therapy, physiotherapy and occupational therapy, speech and swallowing therapy. The duration of treatment is based on the patient’s severity and state and it ranges from 3-4 days.

#Motor_neuron_diseases can occur at any age for adults of all ages including teenagers, though it is rare. People over 40 are more vulnerable to motor neuron diseases, especially those who are in their 60s. Men are more prone to motor neuron diseases than women.

With MND, messages from the motor neurons gradually stop reaching the muscles, leading them to weaken, stiffen and waste

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