Panic! PUTIN's health is very bad, a serious disease has made PUTIN difficult before Ukraine

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Panic! PUTIN's health is extremely bad, a serious illness has made it difficult for PUTIN to stand in front of Ukraine| Update Russia and Ukraine war 4/22.

'Really bad health' Putin causes great health concerns with his face heaving while holding the table.
VLADIMIR PUTIN sparked fears that his health was deteriorating as he desperately clung to his desk and put on a flustered face during an interview with his defense secretary.

It has long been reported that the Russian president is hiding a serious illness, as many experts have said, the president has cancer and is regularly visited by oncologists. A rare public appearance and video of Putin talking to Sergei Shoigu show the Russian Prime Minister claiming his forces have "liberated" the besieged city of Mariupol on the Black Sea coast in Ukraine.

However, Putin's ailing posture has raised concerns that his health is waning due to his weakened posture and the swelling expression in his face and neck suggesting not all is good for the leader. Is this a sign of the late stages of cancer, as many experts have assumed?

In the video, Putin congratulates Shoigu on the "special operation" underway in Ukraine, but in a rare caution, he claims that an operation to invade the industrial zone in Mariupol has been canceled due to concerns fear of losing more troops and equipment.

However, analysis of the video shows an annoyed Putin, he seems very tired, at a very low age compared to BIDEN and Trump. This is a sign of bad health, caused by a serious illness.

The President can also be seen clutching the table, while repeatedly tapping his leg as if in annoyance.

Although "experts" have commented on PUTIN's cancer, it has not been confirmed by the Russian president. but a side effect of combining steroids with chemotherapy could lead to water retention and bloating, which could explain the swelling around Putin's face and neck.

Reports suggest that Putin is "regularly" accompanied by a doctor who specializes in thyroid cancer.

Surgeon Yevgeny Selivanov, of Moscow Central Clinical Hospital, flew to the Russian leader no less than 35 times at the Black Sea resort of Sochi, his favorite abode.

This has revealed the serious illness of the Russian leader, which is being hidden by him. According to experts, PUTIN's health is under great threat before the war with Ukraine, fearing that the Russian leader will not be strong enough to lead the war in Ukraine in the future.
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