Overweight & Disease | ശരീരവണ്ണം രോഗമാകുന്നത് എപ്പോൾ? | Ep 21

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Life Care Centre’s new approach in modern medicine for chronic diseases and disorders, focuses on optimizing health for best treatment results to reduce the need for medication and surgery.
As lifestyle is related to an array of diseases ranging from diabetes , obesity, infertility, cardiovascular, stroke etc., it will surprise you how many disease conditions benefit from optimizing health under clinical supervision.
In this episode we focus on the feedback from our patients who have shared their experiences with our approach to modern medical treatment focused on reducing the need for medication and surgery. To know how this approach of health optimisation can help you for any particular disease or health condition please visit our website https://www.lcchospital.com/
The goal is to create informed patients as we believe the informed patient is the key to treatment success.
When you get a better knowledge of the options available you will be able to choose treatments that focus on the total body and the reduced needs of medication or surgery can reduce the risks and side effects also.
(For our viewers who are medical practitioners we hope this approach in modern medicine will be able to get patients better and quicker results for a large variety of health conditions.)
Wishing you the best in becoming an informed patient who is able to overcome health issues and return to optimised health.
Thanking our patients who have shared their experiences for the benefit of others facing similar challenges.

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