There is a correlation between osteoporosis and heart disease. The lower your bone mass density, the higher your chances of heart disease. Two of the common denominators are chronic inflammation and lifestyle choices. Since cardiovascular disease is the most common cause of death for both men and women, it makes sense to keep tabs on our heart health. In this video, I cover 5 key metrics to consider when determining YOUR heart health. Remember, what's good for your bones is also good for your heart! Ready to get healthy?

To my valued YouTube subscribers, I have categorized my most popular videos based on body parts, from headaches to foot pain to make it easier for viewers to watch helpful videos. Enjoy & I hope they help!

Headaches, dizziness, jaw & TMJ pain:
Jaw and Headaches https://youtu.be/DMCNQpUPBrQ
2 Exercises for a healthy neck https://youtu.be/uAbDd1oFfzM
Shoulder pain with overhead reaching https://youtu.be/DioQviQ67Xo
Cure your shoulder tendonitis https://youtu.be/M75Cl2Ku2IY
3 ways to strengthen your Shoulder rotator cuff https://youtu.be/1DYH8NX-uNE
At home, Frozen Shoulder exercises https://youtu.be/YPiXbktPLaE
Shoulder dislocation exercise program https://youtu.be/2WqAW-k3HWs
Improve your posture with this exercise https://youtu.be/hhQkbd7vfqY
Arm pain? Check your supraspinatus muscle https://youtu.be/ygrtePXp8h0
Lower back stiffness on one side? https://youtu.be/fbzub0TODBw
My #1 exercise for strengthening your Lower Back https://youtu.be/18BEaZWG5HY
5-minute daily core exercises https://youtu.be/DTMyPikgazA
Hip and Lower back stretching routine https://youtu.be/-bMNk0U6QN4
Piriformis muscle tightness (hip muscle) https://youtu.be/yhuvRIkq0IA
Knee pain exercises https://youtu.be/1QWPtma7KHQ
Foam rolling for hip pain https://youtu.be/1SFFRs6q168
Over 50? Daily exercise routine to stay flexible https://youtu.be/-3p4U2-j4DQ
Over 50? 3 must-do stretching exercises https://youtu.be/yD3SZDfsmLI
Over 50? 5 Exercises all Seniors should do https://youtu.be/yQ0G5x5hI28
Outer foot pain https://youtu.be/GpgqVjq2zXk
Treat your lateral ankle sprain https://youtu.be/WlcN6G7NbfE
Big toe pain https://youtu.be/9OGdFwOxtz4

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