Oral Herpes Treatment || Genital Herpes Cure || Herpes Symptoms - All You Need to Know

Oral Herpes Treatment || Genital Herpes Cure || Herpes Symptoms - All You Need to Know

0:00 Introduction
0:14 What is herpes
0:28 Herpes simplex type I or Oral herpes
0:44 Herpes simplex type II or Genital Herpes
1:02 How easy is it to get herpes?
1:24 What are the chances of Pregnant women passing herpes to her baby?
1:50 Is herpes curable at all?
1:57 What is the best treatment for herpes?
2:05 Oral Herpes treatment
3:49 Genital Herpes treatment
4:21 Herpetic eye treatment
4:38 Genital herpes treatment in Pregnancy
5:24 Erythema multiforme treatment
5:35 Herpetic Whitlow treatment

In this video we have discussed the two types of herpes,
Herpes simplex type 1 which is also called as Oral herpes
Herpes simplex type 2 which is also called as Genital herpes

We know there is a social stigma around having a herpes; however one must watch the entire video to understand what is herpes? How to Oral herpes? How to treat Genital Herpes? What are the best ways to treat herpes?

Here the most important information you get to learn are
1. Is Genital Herpes curable?
2. What is the best treatment for oral herpes and Genital Herpes
3. How to Prevent Herpes infection?
4. Can Pregnancy cause Herpes to flare up?
5. Can a pregnant woman give herpes to her baby? OR What are the chances of passing herpes to your baby?
6. are cold sores stds ?
7. Can I have sex with herpes?
8. Can you sleep with someone with herpes and not get it?
9. When should I take acyclovir for herpes?
10. How long should you take Valtrex for herpes?
11. How is herpes transmitted non sexually?

#herpes is a termed coined due to infection with herpes simplex virus

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