Online OOW Course, sample content "Large Yacht Code"

This is a sample video from my OOW's Online Course explaining the Large Yacht Code. It's a key subject that must be learnt for a Yacht oral exam. This will help you have the answers to pass!
It will also show you my teaching style and how the web app works.
To print off the notes please follow the link below.



Large yacht code
“The purpose of Part A of the Red Ensign Group Yacht Code (“the Code”), is to provide design criteria, construction standards and other safety measures for yachts carrying no more than 12 passengers so as to minimise the risk to such yachts, persons onboard and the environment. The criteria are largely aligned to the Conventions and Instruments referred to in the preamble to the Code, but have been modified to create an equivalence where deemed appropriate to ensure their suitability for application to yachts.

“The Code applies to motor or sailing vessels of 24 metres in load line length and over or, is in commercial use for sport or pleasure and carries no cargo and no more than 12 passengers. Sail training vessels are included in this application.”
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