ONE HOUR ENGLISH LESSON - Advanced English Grammar (FIX These Common GRAMMAR MISTAKES)

In this 1 hour English lesson, improve your advanced English grammar by learning the most common grammar mistakes that advanced students make. This free English lesson will help you learn advanced English vocabulary and advanced English grammar. You'll correct common mistakes, like the difference between "although" and "even though", "even though" and "even if", "as though" and "as if", "all of the" and "all the", and many more!

Plus you'll complete English quizzes are you watch the lesson to make sure you test your English level and feel confident speaking English in public.


00:00 - Welcome
00:45 - All, All of the, All the
05:27 - Although, even though, though
11:56 - Even though, even if
15:52 - As if, as though
21:21 - Be Supposed To
29:27 - Future Simple, Future Continuous
35:27 - Going To Go, Will Be Going
49:38 - Get Used To
57:53 - GO + VerbING

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