On-point: Where are after almost a week without mandatory indoor mask-wearing?

마스크 해제 일주일 남은 방역 과제는?

We are almost a week into life without a mandatory indoor mask mandate for most settings here in South Korea.
It surely is a huge step out of the prolonged pandemic life, but that doesn't mean we're done with COVID.
For today's On-point, we talk about the last remaining worries and challenges to overcome with Dr. David Kwak from Soon Chun Hyang University.

Welcome back to the program, doctor.

1. Local health authorities have hinted that complete freedom from masks could happen this May.
Also, thery are forecasting the possibility of a complete return to pre-pandemic normality by this fall.
Why May? And why this fall?

2. Students and children can now enjoy classes without masks. But what's concerning is that many children in South Korea have yet to be vaccinated.
No masks and a low vaccination rate.
How can we wisely manage the situation?

3. Health authorities are also cutting the number of hospital beds for COVID patients. We are much freer now that all those strict rules have been removed, but we have one last remaining measure: seven-day quarantine for people who test positive.
When will that be lifted? Can we say we're done with COVID when it's gone?

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