OIS Podcast Episode #351: New Possibilities for Corneal Disease Treatment

Fuchs Endothelial Corneal Dystrophy (FECD), a progressive hereditary disease that causes blurred or cloudy vision and vision loss, has no cure other than transplant of endothelial layer.

David Eveleth, PhD, founder, president, and CEO of Trefoil Therapeutics, wants to change that.

The company’s lead product, TTHX1114, has the potential to medically treat FECD and other corneal dystrophies without transplant. If successful, they’ll give patients an alternative to surgery as well as improve access to treatment for people with corneal diseases worldwide.

With podcast host Rob Rothman, MD, Dr. Eveleth discusses the science behind TTHX1114, which was designed to treat ulcerative conditions on the front surface of the cornea.

Encouraging Phase II results showed TTHX1114 led to a dose-related reduction in corneal edema in Fuchs patients who underwent a Descemet Stripping Only procedure. The drop could potentially help some patients avoid transplant and reduce edema secondary to cataract surgery, Dr. Eveleth said.

Listen to the podcast for the full story. You’ll discover:

· How Trefoil came to fruition and why it focuses on Fuchs Endothelial Corneal Dystrophy and other corneal diseases.
· What Dr. Eveleth said during his meeting with Dr. Rothman’s VC firm, InFocus Capital Partners, that convinced them to move forward.
· Details on the Phase II study for TTHX1114, which explored the drug’s use in patients with Fuchs undergoing a Descemet Stripping Only procedure.
· Why Trefoil’s mission is a global health issue.
· More about Dr. Eveleth’s background and why he chose biotech over academia.

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