Nutritionists recommend eating fruits and vegetables to keep eyes healthy

The second Thursday of October is World Sight Day, a global event held every year to raise awareness about eye health and blindness. To mark the day, health experts in Taiwan are giving us advice on how to keep our eyes in top shape. According to a nutritionist, eating plenty of fruits and vegetables is a good way to maintain the health of our eyes. Let’s hear their advice.

Ou Nai-chia
Eating leafy greens can help. Red and yellow vegetables contain vitamin A, fruits contain vitamin C, and nuts contain vitamin E, all of which are good for the eyes. Lutein and zeaxanthin, as well as the docosahexaenoic acid and hyaluronic acid found in fish oil are really great components in healthy foods. But the most important thing is whether these nutrients are absorbed by our bodies.

Ma Jui-wen
It only works if you first metabolized some bad components away. Only then can the supplementary nutrients be absorbed by the blood vessels around the eyes. Medical studies show that in clinical trials, there are some proteases in fruit can actually help the body achieve double the result with half the effort.

According to a survey by the Ophthalmological Society of Taiwan, Taiwanese people use electronics for an average of 10.7 hours every day. That could be a factor that is causing eye conditions to develop at a younger age. The society advises to eat plenty of fruits and vegetables, and to rest one’s eyes frequently to prevent eye strain. That is, for every 30 minutes that you spend looking at something nearby, spend 10 minutes looking away at something in the distance.
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