Nutrition Lawyer: BEST Cooking Oils for Health | Top 3 Cooking Oils | The Good, Bad & Toxic Oils

Are you wondering what are the most healthy cooking oils? And what are the least healthy or toxic cooking oils? You have probably heard the wrong information about cooking oils, because everywhere you turn you hear about saturated fat or smoking points, and most of this is incorrect information. Find out what the best and worst cooking oils are, along with why they are so bad for your health.

I break it down and let you know which oils are healthy and safe to cook with, and which oils are TOXIC - SPOILER ALERT: it's "VEGETABLE" OIL! We want HEALTHY FATS, because not all fats are created equal. Many seed oils are so highly refined and highly processed that you need to stay away from them, because they are bad for your health.

Cheers to Healthy Living!

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