NPC Bikini Progress Update / Top 3 Healthy Cooking Oils / Why Olive Oil is Bad For Cooking

How I Transformed My Body And Broke The Diet Cycle:

Healthy fats 101:

In today’s video, I share my monthly progress update since I competed in NBC Bikini at 11 months postpartum. Watch my progress as I reverse dieted, increased calories, gained back strength and muscle, and improved my metabolism.

I also talk about the top 3 healthy cooking oils and why you should not cook with olive oil!
1) Coconut oil
2) Ghee
3) Avocado oil

Top 3 inflammatory oils to avoid at all cost:
1) Canola oil
2) Corn oil
3) Soybean oil

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Hi I’m Mimi! My goal is to help you discover new ideas & strategies to apply to your own eating and fitness goals.

EAT Not Diet helps struggling gym-goers get a confident toned body and break free from vicious dieting to live a healthy powerful life through the Eat Not Diet Freedom Method.

BIO: Founder & CEO of EAT Not Diet, 3x Nationally Qualified Bodybuilder in NPC Figure Division, Netflix Ultimate Beastmaster Team USA, NBC American Ninja Warrior, Fitness Nutrition Specialist, Certified Coach Practitioner – Lifestyle Wellness, Huffington Post Blogger, Team BPI Sports YouTube Reviews, and Fitness Model with 17 yrs experience as a food loving meathead :) Isopure "More Than Muscle" Semifinalist. Transformation Winner for Hydroxycut Nutrition and Muscle & Fitness Hers Magazine. Featured in FLEX Bodybuilding Magazine and Natural Bodybuilding & Fitness Magazine.

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