No.1 Neuroscientist: Age 30 to 50 Will Be Your Unhappiest, Here's How To FIX IT! - Dr. Tali Sharot

Is the cup of life half full or half empty? Would you call yourself an optimist or a pessimist? What if you weren’t actually in control of this, but instead through the process of evolution your brain had been hardwired to be optimistic? Neuroscientist Dr. Tali Sharot calls this the ‘Optimism Bias’, it’s the belief that the future will be better, much better, than what has come before or even your current situation.

0:00 Intro
02:03 Your professional background
04:04 What really matters in our lives
10:52 How do we dive into uncertainty
12:52 How to become more optimistic
21:29 Influencing people
38:20 How to motivate people
40:44 The optimism bias
46:00 Ads
47:39 How contagious is optimism or pessimism ?
57:59 If someones negative how do I make them positive
01:02:16 Happiness throughout our life
01:04:38 Children impacting our happiness
01:08:29 Marriage impacting our happiness
01:11:25 Fearing people into action
01:15:37 The role stress plays in peoples actions
01:23:29 what are you working on next
01:27:55 How do we reach people when marketing a product
01:35:01 Last guest question

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