No apparent covid in Africa

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WHO, Covid vaccine site


Site as of 12st December 2022

Everyone, everywhere, should have access to COVID-19 vaccines.

WHO is determined to maintain the momentum for increasing access to COVID-19 vaccines,

and will continue to support countries in accelerating vaccine delivery,

to save lives and prevent people from becoming seriously ill.

Countries should continue to work towards vaccinating at least 70% of their populations

WHO vaccine equity site


This represents a serious threat to the fragile economic recovery,

including due to the risk of new variants creating large waves of serious disease,

and death in populations with low vaccination coverage.

Director general press release


Only one in five people in low-income countries has been vaccinated;

Access to diagnostics and life-saving treatments for COVID-19 remains unacceptably unaffordable and unequal;

Also mentioned

Greater Horn of Africa

Cholera outbreaks in 29 countries

Haiti, 1,200 confirmed cases, 14,000 suspected and 280 reported deaths

Haiti received almost 1.2 million doses of oral cholera vaccines


50% of severe cases die within a few hours

With good treatment, mortality is less than 1%

Faecal–oral route

Oral, killed cholera vaccine

Contains 1mg of recombinant cholera toxin

Four strains of killed Vibrio cholerae
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