New Year's Cooking - A healthy recipe step by step

#Cooking a healthy meal
We all know #HealthyFood choices are important, especially after the holiday season. But with our busy lives it can be hard to stay on track. Prepping meals ahead of time so you have everything you need – when you need it – can be a lifesaver.

Chef Nenad Mlinarevic is here to help. He’s not just a professional cook, he’s also an athlete who knows how to prepare exactly what his body needs. And how to make it taste wonderful. Nenad has put together a gorgeous dish that’s easy to organize for several meals in advance. So when you’re hungry, grabbing the essentials and putting them together into a healthy dish is simple – and sticking to what’s good for you is too.s the Victorinox Wood Collection knives in his pursuit of excellence. It's only hard work and experience that makes something look effortless.

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Healthy food
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