NEW Tinnitus Treatment Methods for 2023

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Dr. Ben and his team of audiologists have recently finished working on the Treble Health Ultimate Tinnitus Guide for 2023. This comprehensive guide contains everything needed for tinnitus management and relief. In this video, Dr. Ben and Dr. Suzanne go in depth to talk about all of the information that is included in the guide!

0:00 – The ULTIMATE Tinnitus Guide: 2023 Edition
3:47 – Key #1 - Following A Simple Tinnitus Treatment Protocol
6:04 – The Relationship Between The Ear & Brain - Can It Affect Tinnitus?
6:52 – The 3 Most Common Causes Of Tinnitus
8:10 – COVID-19 And Tinnitus
14:04 – Key #2: How Habituation Can Be An Effective Cure For Tinnitus
17:48 – Tinnitus Treatment Plan Essentials
19:39 – What Is Sound Therapy And How Does It Work?
26:44 – The Benefits Of Professional Counseling
27:50 – Current Tinnitus Treatment Options
34:16 – Bimodal Stimulation For Tinnitus
35:55 – Updates On Tinnitus Drug Trials
36:57 – Key #3: How To Get Relief From Tinnitus In Just A Few Months
38:11 – Tinnitus Treatment With Treble Health
42:54 – Tinnitus Success Story

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