New Evidence in the University of Idaho case with Ed Wallace and DutyRon

#UniversityofIdaho #BryanKoberger #DutyRon

New Evidence in the University of Idaho case with Ed Wallace and DutyRon

#IdahoFour #BryanKohberger #DutyRon

Forensic Friday Bryan Kohberger Search Warrant items explained by CSI Expert Ed Wallace

Tonight Ed Wallace and I will break down the evidence they recovered inside Bryan Kohberger's apartment on December 30th 2022 and what this could mean to the case. Ed Wallace is a retired NYPD Crime Scene Unit and evidence collection expert! Join us live with your questions!

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Welcome to another edition of Crime Time With DutyRon and Ed Wallace we are Retired NYPD Police Detectives and 911 World Trade Center first responders who talk about all things true crime related from a Police Detectives perspective. We cover missing persons cases also breaking News stories.

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00:00 - Intro & Welcome
6:03 - Banfield discussing their exclusive sources information and discussion
15:58 - Attorney for the Goncalves filed to be removed from the gag order
18:54 - Discussing the stories that are coming out from sources
21:47 - Discussing Banfield's source who most likely be someone close to the investigation
23:41 - The impact on the integrity of this case and gives the defense opportunity to argue how the investigation took place
29:09 - Watching Banfield's coverage on another source claiming Xana was murdered last and all the speculation stirred on the case
35:55 - Live call in time
43:20 - Sleuthie calls in to discuss the evidence limits in Idaho
58:22 - Final thoughts
1:04:40 - Outro
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