Neurotransmitters: Types, Functions, Disorders, and Testing with Dr. Chip Watkins

In this episode of The Root Cause Medicine Podcast, Dr. Chip Watkins talks to us about neurotransmitters, what they are, what their functions are, the different types, and potential issues related to neurotransmitters.

Dr. Chip Watkins has over twenty years of experience in private practice, teaching, and corporate medicine. He uses mind-body medicine in his practice and nutritional approaches to care and has an understanding of traditional Chinese medicine, Ayurvedic medicine, and bioenergetics.

00:00 Teaser Clip
02:27 About Dr. Chip Watkins
07:25 What is a neurotransmitter?
09:56 GABA deficiency symptoms
14:35 What are the main neurotransmitters?
18:07 How does the body make neurotransmitters?
21:55 Neurotransmitters and gut health
24:21 Can you test neurotransmitters?
32:16 How can you improve your neurotransmitters?
41:01 Serotonin, depression, and antidepressants
45:47 Is 5-HTP good for you?
48:09 Personalized solutions with Sanesco
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