Neighborhood Staging Area Operations

The Neighborhood Staging Area is the gathering site for Community Emergency Response Teams (CERT) and Neighborhood volunteers to meet and form Neighborhood Disaster Response Teams that will be the first responders in their own neighborhood until the professionals can arrive.

The Staging Area deploys out Damage Assessment Tems that will report in Incidents they discover in the field.
The Staging Manager and Team determines the priority in which Incidents are responded to.
The Staging Area dispatches Incident Response Teams to bring Incidents to conclusion.

When an Incident is called in, the Radio Operator answers the call, the scribes document relevant information and provide the Staging Manager with consolidated information to help make informed decisions.



00:00 - Introduction
00:46 - What is Community Emergency Response Team Training?
05:58 - Neighborhood Team Program (NTP)
11:13 - Neighborhood Team Program Links
12:45 - What is the Staging Area?
16:14 - What is a Team Leader?
18:00 - What is a Scribe?
19:51 - What is a Communicator?
20:40 - Neighborhood Disaster Response Team Roles
25:22 - Staging Area Roles and Priorities
27:46 - Staging Manager
34:14- Staging Area Scribes
46:27 - Radio Communications
56:05 - Incident Report Flow
1:02:44 - Incident Prioritization
1:08:37 - If it wasn’t written down, it didn’t happen.
1:10:56 - Questions
1:30:51 - Thank you
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