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This channel is Recommended for the preparation of all medical examinations । neet2023 exam preparation । pharmacy । Nursing । Biology । BHMS first year exam Questions and answers। BHMS 2nd year exam Questions and answer । BAMS।MBBS। nursing ।D.Phqrmacy।
On this channel, Human Body physiology and Human Body Anatomy will be taught. In physiology, Biochemistry, and Histology and some chapters of pathology will be also discoursed.

NOTE - This is an educational channel only and the aim of this channel is to share and discourse the information on Biology for education purposes only. Nothing has been given for any medical purpose, practice, or diagnosis. Don't use any information for medical means, the channel will not be responsible for any health complications.

video published on this channel based on the information of all government new schemes, new bills amendment, general study research, general science, and technical information. new central and state government job updates, private job

This is an educational channel and recommended for the NEET2023 examination, Pharmacy, Nursing, Biology, BHMS, BAMS, 11th, and 12th exams.
Stay tuned to this channel for Complete information on homeopathy pharmacy, human body physiology, and body anatomy.
In homeopathy pharmacy the chapters such as history evolution and scope of homeopathy pharmacy. Different Pharmacopoeia, aspect of pharmacy, School of Pharmacy. drugs and homeopathy. weights and Measurement while preparing drugs. Pharmaceutical instruments and appliances, sources of drugs. collection and preservation of drug substances and the types of vehicles.

In the Human body anatomy, all structural parts will be elaborated Lower Limbs, abdomen and pelvis, Neck, brain neuroanatomy openings.

In human body physiology, chapters such as cell Junction, General physiology, blood and body fluid, muscles physiology, digestive system, renal physiology, skin endocrinology, reproductive system, cardiovascular etc.
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