Neck Pain Causes | Gardan Mein Dard | Esi Dard Js Ki Tashkhees Na Ho Rhi Ho | Neck Pain Relief

Neck Pain or Gardan mein dard or gardan mein bal. Many times people are facing neck pain and after many medical examination tests and diagnose process they couldn't find the proper way out to get neck pain relief.

This video about neck pain which is difficult to diagnose and treat even after using proper medication, therapy, and exercise. Dr Asad explain the concept of neck pain and its causes which are underlying and often get ignored while you are still in neck pain.

Neck is the important part of human body which is responsible for movement of body's most important part face/head. If your neck is in pain it effect your quality of life directly. Most of neck pain is because of muscle pain in neck. Hope this video will help you in understanding, diagnosing and treatment of neck pain.

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