NAC OSCE Physical exam verbalization crash course Starmed Best NAC OSCE course

At STARMED we offer the most in depth and affordable NAC OSCE course in Canada We invite you to Join Starmed and our top instructors and ace the NAC! 96% of our NAC OSCE course takers matched in CaRMS , MLPIMG, or got PRA or fellowship[. Why us? Because we are a one stop hub offering all courses and advising for licensing and our support just starts with your NAC prep.Do you know that half of licensed IMGs were Drs Silverman clients?
We selected the best instructors for our NAC OSCE course at Starmed Medical Education Programs
The NAC course has 13 sessions on Tuesdays at 6pm -midnight Toronto time and 2 days intense review
Because it gives time and time again the highest licensing rate coupled with Drs Silverman personal guidance to licensing- we start working with you on your application as soon as the exam ends
The longest (13 sessions in 3 months), most in depth, and affordable course in Canada with proven strategies for mastering the differential diagnosis, post encounter questions
Focus on strategy and not memorization that leads to perfectly structured history taking
Detailed and comprehensive physical exam verbalization
Best counselling, and management, data interpretation (blood work, ultrasound, Xray, growth charts, EKG) workshop
High focus on effective communication and getting superior performance
Personalized feedback to each doctor
All high yield cases and topics in history, physical exam, counselling, communication, and management
6 days of guided study group with both CSA and FMGs, all materials,review of your taped videos with input
Rotating study partners, our class sizes are small enough to offer you hands-on experience in every class and large enough to have a variety of study partners every week!
We cap our class at the proper number to ensure proper training
Practice from day 1 with instructors
Payment plan available
• Full cost NAC if you pay upfront is 1300 for the 13 sessions of 6 hours each,. You can pay upfront or in 3 installments of 450$ each
What our instructors will teach you:
• Intensive review $250 11am-11 pm 2 days
• Mocks 250$ for 10 stations, 125$ for 5
• One on one prep $100 /hour
Register by email at [email protected]
1. Introduction to NACOSCE and history taking
2. History taking
3. Internal medicine
4. Internal medicine
5. Pediatrics
6. Surgery
7. Ob Gyn
8. Psychiatry
9. Physical exam
10. Physical exam
11. Management
12. Counselling
13. Ethics
We at Starmed Medical Education Programs advertise our IMG SUCCESS and LICENSING AFTER TAKING OUR COURSE! testimonials and you can see
and on our youtube
What do these doctors who matched and another 150 of them helped by us this year have in common?
Dr. Borna T - Urology U of Toronto
Dr. Chavi T- CSA - Manitoba Family medicine
Dr. Linda N- Lebanon- University of Toronto Family Medicine
Dr. Mariana B- Romania UBC Family medicine
Dr. Payam K- Iran - UBC Family medicine
Dr.Amelie I- Algerie- Quebec
Dr Surbhi S- CSA-Fam med Ontario
Dr. Reem F- Internal Medicine Calgary
Dr. Maryam A-CSA- UBC
Dr. Wafaa C Morocco - Laval Family medicine
Dr Anurag T- Psychiatry Manitoba
Dr. Kalpanee - Sri Lanka - Family medicine Manitoba
Dr. Yeshna- Family medicine bilingual Manitoba
Dr. Sara R - Pakistan- Western Fam Medicine
Dr. Parham H- Manitoba Family medicine
Dr. Pooja B- South Africa Anesthesiology
Dr. Imane H- Algerie - rehabilitation McGill
Dr. Tharmeghan CSA Ireland, UBC Fam med
Dr. Ayesha D K - Neurology Western
Dr Alaa B- Libya- Fam medicine Saskatchewan
Dr. Mahtab M from Iran matched in Radiology at U of Toronto
Dr. Ashwin P from India matched in Emergency at U of Toronto
Dr. Xinley Z from China matched in Internal Medicine at U of Toronto
Dr. Shreya S form India matched in Internal med in Saskatchewan
Dr. Ibi A from Nigeria matched in Pediatrics in Alberta
Dr. Wang Z CSA form South Korea matched in Fam med at Queen’s U
Dr. Nima M from Iran matched in Internal med at McMaster
Dr. Sherif B from Egypt matched in Anesthesiology at Western
Dr. DekelM CSA from Poland matched in Psychiatry at Queen's
Dr. Anju T from India matched in Pathology at University of Toronto
Dr. Saleem K CSA from Ireland matched in Fam med at U of Toronto
Dr. Luisa V from Cameroon matched in Fam med in Saskatchewan
Dr. Dilusha D from Sri Lanka matched in Fam med in NOSM
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