Myopia Management Trends: Academic vs. Clinical - The Knowns & Unknowns of Myopia Management - EP2

PART 1 (Panel Discussion): Axial Length, Lifestyle Choices, and Treatment Zones

Panel: Kathryn Richdale OD PhD, Jonathan Skoner OD FIAOMC
Host: Matthew Herzberg

Part 2: (Clinical Corner): Axial Length - When and why to measure.
Panel: Maria Liu OD PhD, Leah Johnson OD FAAO

Is measuring axial length a must-have or a nice to have? What is the importance of axial length? How is the measurement of axial length incorporated in academic environment vs. private practice? When and how often should the axial length be measured?

Learn how outdoor time and other lifestyle choices factor into myopia management. What does the research say? What do you tell parents?

What do we know about treatment zone sizes from a research standpoint? What factors influence the selection of treatment zone size and are there other effects of changing the size?
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