My WEIGHT REVEAL. My journey to losing weight- Week 1. Healthy lifestyle and healthy mindset

Hello Friends, I'm getting vulnerable and revealing my weight, height and size. I know it seems crazy to do this during the holidays. I'm ending 2021 with a healthy mindset and entering 2022 with EXPECTATIONS of abundant blessings in all areas of my life!!! This is not a New Year's resolution, It is a healthy lifestyle and mindset. GOD is good!
Loungewear and leggings didn't require a zipper. Elastic waist bands fooled me during the pandemic. I feel it throughout my body and I'm not going out shopping because I'm on a budget! HINT...HINT...(my budget video is COMING SOON)
Please drop a comment below with any suggestions. Feel free to join the journey and let's encourage and motivate one another with LOVE & KINDNESS.
Thank you for being here!

#WeightLoss #HealthyLifestyle #Intermittentfasting
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