My Mom Had Been Extorting Money From Me For My Dad's Treatment Until I Found Out This From Neighbor

Summary :-
I have been sending money to my mom for my dad’s treatment but she has been hiding something from me
Op is a (F 30) has worked in a country separate from her parents for the past 3 years. She has not seen her parents for two years because of travel restrictions so the only person she has had contact with is her mom who came to visit her once. Her mother told her that her father has an autoimmune disease which has rendered him unable to do the most basic things. For two years op has been sending money to her mom to pay for her dad’s treatment.
She has not seen her dad in video calls but they have had voice calls. The problem starts when her mom keeps demanding more and more money which op cannot afford, but eventually she gets a promotion that allows her to come back to her hometown. To op’s surprise when she comes back, she finds out that her father died only 3 months after being diagnosed.
She finds out about this from her neighbor when she gets home and cannot find her mother. When her mom comes back she confronts her, of which her mom is not ashamed to admit that she has been milking op of her money for ages. Op finds out she has been using the money to do plastic surgery and date younger man. When op asks her mom why she would do such a thing, she tells op that she hates her because she is a reminder of her husband’s infidelity. Turns out op is not her daughter, she is her husband’s daughter and op’s mom was taking revenge. Op visits her father’s grave after which she gets an order from the court to remove her mother out of the house, her mom begs her but op cannot forgive her.

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