My favourite Kyiv Neighbourhood - Golden Gate (Zoloti Vorota) - Walking Tour - Ukraine Travel Guide

Some 3 million + souls live in the wonderful city of Kyiv Ukraine. And in this vast city are dozens of neighbourhoods. In today's video, I take you on a small walking tour of my favourite Kyiv Neighbourhood - The Golden Gate neighbourhood known to locals as Zoloti Vorota. This is just one of my many walks around the great Ukrainian capital. I don't claim to be a tour guide it's simply an Englishman taking you for a walk and observing a few things while having a conversation :)

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00:00 - Golden Gate Yaroslav the Wise
01:35 - The Plaques of Kyiv
02:44 - What we may see
04:31 - Well manicured streets
05:03 - Monument to Border Guards
05:59 - Hedgehog Street Art (Horse)
07:22 - A touch of England in Kyiv
08:03 - Random alleyway
08:49 - Not Free as a Bird - Hipster Alley
11:57 - Are there good places to eat in Zoloti Vorota?
14:09 - The random Kyiv Architecture
15:25 - Medical apartheid
17:10 - Yaroslaviv Val Street
19:18 - Safety in Kyiv
20:13 - House of the Actor
21:37 - Polish Embassy
22:50 - Munsters / Adams Family House
23:44 - Flowers
24:45 - Ukrainian Music at the Golden Gate

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