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Hi I’m Nutrition Coach, Rose
I am fascinated by how food and nutrients affect our body, our overall health and lifestyle.
My interest in healthy food and nutrition began around few years ago, It has evolved into me wanting to share my passion and knowledge with others to help them gain awareness of nutrition and build a sustainable wellness lifestyle!
It's about MORE than food! It’s about WHY you eat, HOW you eat, WHERE and with WHOM you eat, and how you feel as you eat when it come to food choices. It’s also about overall wellness, which includes water, sleep, stress, and self care! What you put in your body MATTERS! We can help help make it stronger with quality food, nutrients and lots of water!!!
I have been physically active from past 5-6 years, by doing 5-6 days a week strength and functional training. My daily workout is a big part of my overall wellness lifestyle and I need to eat quality food for me to continue to build lean muscles and recover properly.
Food is FUEL and it is to be ENJOYED!!! I believe that it is best to find the foods and nutrition guidelines that fits YOUR lifestyle.
Certification: Certified Nutrition Coach from Australian Institute of Fitness
Healthy food
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