Multiple Sclerosis Treatment

Multiple Sclerosis Treatment
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Bob interviews Dr. Terry Wahls Author of "The Wahl's Protocol". The Wahls Protocol comes out of Dr. Wahls’ own quest to treat the debilitating symptoms she experiences as a sufferer of progressive MS. Informed by science, she began using Paleo principles as guidelines for her unique, nutrient-rich plan. This book shares Dr. Wahls’ astonishing personal story of recovery and details the program, with up-to-date research she’s now conducting at the University of Iowa.

Dr. Terry Wahls Books
1) The Wahls Protocol: https://amzn.to/3AMhs1Q
2) The Wahls Protocol - Cooking For Life: https://amzn.to/3ITCZbO

Dr. Wahls Website: https://terrywahls.com/
Dr. Wahls Protocol Diet Cheat Sheet: https://terrywahls.com/diet/
Information About New & Upcoming Studies: https://wahls.lab.uiowa.edu/

Video Chapters:
0:00 Song Intro
0:09 Dr. Terry Wahls Introduction
1:01 Dr Terry Wahl’s Background Story
5:19 When Dr Terry Wahl’s Was First Diagnosed with MS
8:12 Dr. Wahl’s Website & Book & Social Media Information
9:07 How “The Wahl’s Protocol” Can Help Others with Auto-Immune Disorders
13:32 Are Most Neurological Degenerative Diseases Auto Immune?
17:43 What are Mitochondria?
19:56 How Red & Near Infrared Light Can Affect Mitochondria
22:35 How Many People Dr. Wahl’s Has Helped
26:59 Dr. Wahl’s Initial Pushback from the Medical Community
34:16 Dr. Wahls Information & Ending Remarks
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