MSSS-2 OMNI: MIGS Success Surgical Secrets Highlight on OMNI Surgical System Part 1 + CHEAT SHEET

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In today’s video, the MIGS device featured is the OMNI Surgical System by Sight Sciences which allows for enhanced aqueous humor outflow with a titratable ability to viscodilate AND perform trabeculotomy for up to 360 degrees with no device left in the eye. It is performed as a stand alone or in combination with cataract surgery.

***Video Time Stamp:
0:29 Introduction of device
0:48 First Common Challenge - Confusion about versatility
1:11 Review of ROMEO Study
1:58 Take home advice on Trabeculotomy at 180 Deg
2:41 Another Common Challenge - Handling patients on blood thinners
2:55 3 Questions to ask about blood thinners
3:14 Options on how to proceed with patients on blood thinners
4:07 Access to Cheat Sheet for Video

This video is part of Season 2 of a new video series called MIGS Success Surgical Secrets. The series is a solution to help novice and experienced MIGS surgeons understand what not to do in MIGS surgery, learn how to prevent or correct those mistakes and gain must know pointers for MIGS surgical success one step and one MIGS device at a time.

In this video series Dr. Constance Okeke, your host takes the viewer through videos that get to the point with succinct, yet engaging content. For more information on Dr. Constance Okeke, a glaucoma specialist, MIGS expert, speaker, trainer, and author, go to

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