MPIWG Institute's Colloquium: Historicizing Critique(s) in Medicine

Caitjan Gainty (King's College London)
Ariane Hanemaayer (Brandon University)
Moderated by Lara Keuck and Stephanie Hood

How has critique and skepticism been integrated or excluded in medicine? This event, part of our Institute's Colloquium 2021–22 series Trusting Science, addresses this question through two short presentations and a discussion between the historian Caitjan Gainty, who runs the Wellcome-funded “Healthy Scepticism” project at King’s College London, and the sociologist Ariane Hanemaayer, author of The Impossible Clinic: A Critical Sociology of Evidence-based Medicine. They address how historical and sociological perspectives on healthcare discontent help to situate the relationship between the role(s) of the skeptic and the preservation of trust in the medical system.

Caitjan Gainty is a historian of health and healthcare at King’s College, London. She runs the Healthy Scepticism Project, which seeks to gain new purchase on the history and contemporary of healthcare. Her work has appeared in a range of academic journals as well as in more public-facing media, including the BBC, ABC Radio Australia, Slate, the Washington Post, the Times (London), and the Conversation.

Ariane Hanemaayer is Associate Professor of Sociology at Brandon University and Visiting Fellow at the Centre for Research in Arts, Social Sciences and Humanities at the University of Cambridge, and Visiting Scholar at Egenis, Centre for the Study of the Life Sciences at University of Exeter. She is author of The Impossible Clinic: A Critical Sociology of Evidence Based Medicine (2019), The Impossible System: A Critical Sociology of Public Health (forthcoming).

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