Most frequently asked questions: cholesterol, vegetables, diabetes, organs, heart disease, and more

This week, Paul covers several topics at a high level, alongside referencing previous detailed episodes. He is answering questions from his listeners about why animal-based eating is optimal, why meat is not harmful for humans, why vegetables are bad for us, and several other questions that he frequently gets asked.

00:00:00 Podcast begins

00:01:31 Insulin resistance and how we can be metabolically healthy

00:10:54 Should people with diabetes eat carbs/do glucose levels in the blood matter?

00:13:00 How do we fix diabetes?

00:19:28 Does meat cause cardiovascular disease, gout and cancer?

00:31:45 How did we evolve to eat meat?

00:34:30 What nutrients are missing on a plant-based diet?

00:37:50 Are organs necessary?

00:44:08 Why are vegetables bad for us?

00:51:40 How to construct an animal-based diet

00:53:25 Which blood work should you get?

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Bloodwork review: December 2022:

Controversial thoughts: Do organ meats cause gout? What does?

Is all sugar bad for you? High fructose corn syrup vs fruit & honey:

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