MODEL DIET: Trying healthy recipes I saw on + Back from Paris Vlog

I am back from Paris and this video is a what I eat as a model video of me cooking at home, trying some recipes that I saw on tiktok.

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Links to the Tiktoks that I followed or inspired by:
Tahini Lemon Dressing
Protein Pancakes
Cabbage rolls

French Rivera Coffee TableBook - Hotel Du Cap-eden-roc book
US/other UK
Amazon mini jars Amazon big jars
Gold Cutlery - knife, folk, spoon set
Japanese style Bowls

• This video is not a direct meal plan it is to give ideas and tips for eating healthier
• This is what I felt like eating on these days, if you don’t like it then don’t eat it yourself
• I am not a doctor, nutritionist, psychiatrist or medical professional • Nothing in this video is sponsored • If you use the links above to buy any of the things mentioned I will earn a small commission on some of them, it helps me earn a small bit of money from the work I put into my channel, thank you

Music by VALNTN - Mona Lisa - (I don’t own copyright to this music) Thank you so much for watching! Xx
Healthy food
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