Mid-Spring Tasks: Sweet Potato Slips and Bean Trellis || Black Gumbo

Mid-spring is often a time of mundane tasks in the vegetable garden. Today I'll take on the task of building a bean trellis for my pole beans, and I'll be starting my sweet potato slips for the summer garden. It's not too early to begin thinking about summer gardening, so in this video I will show you how I grow sweet potato slips using two different methods.

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Black Gumbo shares our suburban, backyard, sustainable gardening efforts. We work a small-scale, typical Zone 9a garden and raised beds, the kind of gardening accessible to all. We tend to take the slice of life approach and hope you will enjoy our family, our dog, our cooking, our adventures, and occasionally some commentary and advice. We love family, joy and friendship, and we invite you to enjoy these things with us!

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