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​Marek's disease (MD or fowl paralysis) is a very common disease of chickens caused by a herpes virus. Marek's disease affects both commercial and backyard poultry and may result in death or severe production loss. The disease causes changes in many of the nerves and may cause tumours in major internal organs
How do you get rid of Marek's disease?
There is no cure or treatment for Marek's disease. Those birds who are diseased should be removed from the others, and sadly humanely destroyed. Close monitoring of your remaining birds to see if they are infected is important.

A lively chicken with normal appetite, although with Marek's disease paralysis. The diagnosis was confirmed by post mortem examination, description of macro and microscopic lesions and detection of Marek's disease virus DNA in several organs, including skin, thymus, spleen, liver, etc

In todays video, we are going to dive into marek's disease in poultry, of course poultry diseases either in the backyard chickens or in the commercial poultry farming system marek's disease have been a major challenge to the farmers, marek's disease occur in chicken as it causes a serious detrimental effect to the life of the bird as well as the massive loss in production.
Marek's disease virus is a viral disease caused by a virus called herpes which causes mareks disease. ofcourse marek's disease treatment in tamil or any other country in the world have been so detrimental as it has no specific cure.
Mareks disease vaccination is the number challenge poultry farmers are facing because once there is a failure of vaccination from the commercial hatchery, this marek's disease usually occur in chicks, we have cover some major areas such as mareks disease in chickens symptoms,marek's disease treatment in Malayalam, raising chickens, mareks disease treatment, mareks in chickens, mareks disease symptoms.
I hope you have learn so much about marek's disease in poultry in this video.

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