Mediterranean Diet Meal Prep | Quick and Easy Healthy Recipes | Seasonal Winter Meal Ideas

Ciao and welcome to my channel where I share all things Mediterranean Lifestyle!

In this recipe video, I am sharing 3 incredibly easy and simple wintertime high-protein Mediterranean Diet Meal Prep recipes! One tip I always give to create a maintainable healthy lifestyle is adding in more meal prep habits. I want to help you by sharing some of my fave Mediterranean recipes and meal prep hacks to keep you from wasting food, overeating, and spending too much time in the kitchen!

I hope you enjoy this video, please leave a comment below with anything you want to see, questions you'd like me to answer, etc. Thank you so much for watching and I hope you create a zestful week ♡
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☼ https://carolinelfranco.com/skillet-spanakopita/
☼ https://carolinelfranco.com/lemon-herb-fish-cakes-aioli/
☼ https://carolinelfranco.com/carrot-salad-with-spiced-tahini-dressing/

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0:00 → my take on the Mediterranean Diet
2:45 → recipes in this video
4:58 → skillet spanakopita
16:18 → lemon herb fish cakes
22:31 → crispy bulgar and carrot salad
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