Medical Student Anaesthesia Prize Exam with Dr Max - analgesia, high BMI & deteriorating patients

Thanks Dr Max for sharing your experiences with your prize exam!

For everyone listening, here is what he recalled of the scenarios for you to follow along.

Scenario 1:
You are a resident on an anaesthesia rotation called to the ward to assess a 75-year-old female patient in pain. She presented with a fractured neck of femur and is waiting for theatre.

Scenario 2:
You are a resident on an anaesthesia rotation and have started to anaesthetise a 50-year-old female for an elective laparoscopic cholecystectomy. She has a BMI of 40 but is otherwise well.

Scenario 3:
You are an intern on evening ward call. You attend a MET call and when you arrive, you're the first responder. The ward nurse reports that the patient is 70 years old, had a vaginal hysterectomy 2 days ago and is now tachycardic and hypotensive 80/55

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