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Hey guys! Im Rebecca and welcome to my channel !
Woohoo!! I'm currently in Semester 8 which means I passed my professional exams for Semester 7! It was crazily hectic, as usual but I managed to film my some clips throughout my exam preparation and on the exam day too! Somehow it was kinda exciting because we finally had OSCE offline after 2 years! I hope that you guys enjoy this video as much as I do. Rebecca is such a mood in this vlog haha

I'm a private tutor for Malaysian Medical Students now! If you're interested to know more, do send me a DM on Instagram @Kochikii or just comment your email down below. Will be in touch soon!

If you have any questions regarding anything mentioned in this video, pleaseeee feel free to comment down the section below and I'll answer you ASAP! Talk to you guys there! Stay safe, stay home :)

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What about me?
My name is Rebecca Ng ( also known as Kochikii) from Malaysia and I am also currently a 3rd year medical student! I create travel vlogs and medical related videos and I upload every SUNDAY @ 9PM , so make sure to stay tune and keep yourself SUBSCRIBED to my channel if you enjoy my channel !

What is my goal?
My goal is to INSPIRE everyone out there especially students that they can be BOTH SMART and FUN at the same time. I feel that most people have a mindset that a MEDICAL STUDENT has to be all nerdy and a bookworm ( I myself faced that kind of situation before ). So, it is my dream to change that mindset!

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