Meatballs Buccatini in Tomatoe Lava Sauce @Kambz Kuzina Channel

Pasta Lovers will gonna loves this!
I will cook a kind of pasta which they calls it Buccatini. Its similar with spaghetti but it has big strand and the shape of pasta is long and round edges.
it's one of my favorite pasta when it cones with texture because its always cook as good as eldente...
I will make a red sauce too and used tomatoes peeled in can sauce. I will add "sundried tomatoes" to have this full flavor or richness in Tomatoe..
When it cones to red sauce richness in tomatoes counted the most...

Yes, I bought this pre cooked meatballs from Ikea as i dont have the time to make my own meat balls this time. I will used mixed beef and pork balls...
you guys can also have chicken meatballs instead if you are not allowed to eat pork and beef.

I have black olives, crispy kale, and added dried herbs( oregano) and salt to taste.
I also put aged parmesano cheese before eating..
The more cheese added the more tastier it can be.

And to those who loves spicy pasta I would suggest you to get chili flakes as its best to put on creamy red sauce pasta...

Yes, this pasta is good to serve with red wine on the side ✌
Healthy food
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